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  • Logan Beaulieu,
    Ultramarathon Runner

    Eload is the best electrolyte replacement drink that I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many. The flavors are light and mild, yet tasty. Even after several hours into a run or race I find that Eload is still satisfying. I like the fact that Eload Zone Caps and Recovery Formula use simple ingredients and easy to digest. I like the security of knowing that if I start to run low on electrolytes I can count on Zone Caps. I think the  Eload Recovery Formula is fantastic and Eload Energy Gels are the best I’ve ever come across.

  • Candice P. Alberta.

    I had been suffering from stomach bloating and cramps on all my long runs. For one month I did a trial…I ditched all of my other endurance fuels and just stuck with Eload Energy Gel and Eload Zone Caps. Wella! The stomach gas, bloating, and cramping disappeared. Thank you so much! My tummy is forever grateful and I love the fact you don’t use fake flavors or sweeteners in any of your products.

  • Peter R (roadie)

    The product is fabulous. I took the recommended dose of Zone Caps supplements during and after my 93-mile ride and the results were startling. At the completion of the ride I did not experience my usual fatigue and excessive accumulation of lactic acid. My appetite was normal and I did not feel particularly tired the next day. Your product was working well for me. I will definitely use it in the future. Thank you.

  • Shaun Chisholm,

    I went through 14 packages of Energy Gels during the race! It worked perfectly and didn’t bother my stomach like sodium pills.Thanks again.

  • Steve Layton

    Eload was the first gels and tabs that did not give me gastrointestinal problems when I was pushing myself on long runs!

  • Brian Breit

    Eload electrolyte drink is the best there is. I ran everyday for a year and accumulated 1,988 miles and Eload was a big part of the reason.

  • Greg Andre-Barrett

    Eload keeps me going for the long haul.  Eload Zone Caps Electrolyte Capsules helped me survive and complete a Tour Divide, a self-supported mountain bike race from Banff Alberta to the United States-Mexico border. Eload Zone Caps kept me hydrated while riding over 99 miles per day for 28 days and through some very desert like sections.

  • Anne Guzman

    You keep me and my clients optimally fueled, with no gastrointestinal issues, with awesome electrolyte replenishment and flavor. The real thing. Good hydration and taste backed by good science. That’s why I love Eload Recovery Formula!

  • Steph Coelho

    I love that it doesn’t taste so strong like other products! It doesn’t make me sick to my stomach and it’s definitely my favorite post-race beverage, so refreshing!

  • Kathie Howes

    I love that the flavor isn’t overpowering, and therefore I can stomach it for longer training days.

  • Simon Whitfield, Triathlete, Olympic Gold Medalist.

    You guys are brilliant!! WAY ahead of the curve. I used Eload in 3 Olympic Games

  • Mary Carpenter

    I have had great problems with dehydration in the past during hot weather and I found that Eload helped me overcome this problem. I also have had problems with hypoglycemia and Eload keeps me from bonking. I have not bonked since starting Eload. Also, I do not get any intestinal or stomach problems when using Eload. It is excellent.

  • Ka-Yu Law

    Eload has been helpful in eliminating my cramping problems. I am a triathlete and have always suffered from excessive salty sweating and severe cramping when I train and compete. I decided to give Eload a try because of its claimed benefits for cramping athletes. I use Eload Hydration Formula as well as Eload Zone Caps and find that this combination does the trick! I would happily recommend Eload to other athletes who face these challenges.

  • Sue Sitki

    LOVE Eload… it’s the only sports drink I’ve tried that can thwart an exercise-induced migraine before it happens, stops heat-induced allergy and headache symptoms COLD  and never makes me feel sick. I recommend it to everyone!

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