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Post Exercise Fluid Calculator

After your endurance sport your body is hyper absorbent. It is important to replace the fluid and electrolytes lost during your endurance activity. This post exercise fluid calculator is an easy way to help you gage how much fluid you need to replace to achieve normal hydration levels.

To use the calculator:

  1. Enter your pre-workout weight in pounds or kilograms. Weigh yourself, ideally with no clothes on, and an empty bladder before a workout.

  2. Keep track of your fluid intake in ounces, milliliters, or liters during your workout. Remember, water bottles vary in size, so it's best to measure yours with a standard kitchen measuring cup prior to doing this test. Record this number in Volume Fluids Ingested.

  3. Record your post workout weight. After your workout, towel-off excess sweat, empty your bladder, and weigh yourself again, ideally with no clothes on.

  4. Click Calculate.

Your fluid needs will vary with temperature, level of exertion, type of exercise, so to get a truly accurate assessment of your fluid needs, we recommend repeating this test under a variety of conditions. Please use this calculator as a guide.

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