The following 4 podcasts were recorded with Walker Thompson of

1. Introduction

Introduction to Medion and its slate of products to help in the heat!

2. Muscular Cramping

Is muscular cramping affecting your performance, especially in the heat? This talk focuses on muscular cramping during endurance activity and it’s causes, with advice from Dr. Stoddard on what features of sport nutrition products to look for to aid in prevention.

3. Gastrointestinal Intolerance

‘Painful food’ is notoriously common in the sport nutrition world. Find out how what you are eating and drinking contributes to stomach upset, bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

4. Recovery

Discover the importance of adding a Recovery Sport Nutrition formula to your sports nutrition intake to help speed up recovery time and prepare your body for race day!

5. eLoad on The TEAM with Warren Karr

The following podcast provides an overview of e load, it’s formulation and use, and was recorded on the TEAM radio station with Warran Karr of Popeyes Supplements Ottawa. Popeyes can be found at, with Ottawa locations at:

Ottawa West
1691 Merivale Rd
(Future Shop Lot)

Ottawa Downtown
134 Bank Street
(Corner of Slater)

Ottawa East
1021 Cyrville Rd
(by St. Laurent Blvd)

The following 3 podcasts were at the 1st International Scientific Congress on Nutrition and Athletic Performance:

6. Magnesium, Zinc and Chromium Nutrition & Athletic Performance, by Dr. Henry C. Lukask

Find out more about the use of these micronutrients in athletes.

7. Dietary Strategies to Promote Glycogen Resynthesis After Exercise, by Dr. John L. Ivy

This all important topic is one that every athlete should be aware of in order to maximize training and competing.

8. Food and Fluid Intake During Exercise, by Dr. Ronald J. Maughn

Usually the cause of DNFs, sub optimal performance and disappointing training and competing, food and fluid intake during exercise is a topic of tremendous importance to all athletes.