Following weeks of intense training, you owe it to yourself to ensure every aspect of race day goes according to plan. Nutrition plays an integral part in your performance and recovery before, during, and after the event. Staying hydrated throughout is easily the most significant aspect of all, which is why your race day routine should include supplements for dehydration.

As with all aspects of your race day nutrition, you cannot leave things to chance. Thankfully, our easy to use race calculators can provide the clarity needed to ensure that you are race day ready.

Eload Race Calculators – A Key Tool For Any Endurance Athlete

Every athlete should appreciate the importance of hydration and nutrition during exercise, especially endurance races. The reasons for this include;

  • Regulate body temperature to improve your times
  • Help fight muscle fatigue
  • Regulate sugar levels, sodium levels, etc
  • Feel more comfortable during the run

While insufficient hydration can lead to performance related problems, it’s worth remembering that a 1% weight loss due to sweat and fluid loss during an endurance event run is a regular occurrence. In truth, diluting your body’s electrolytes by drinking too much water can be far more dangerous, with severe cases even leading to death.

The human body is incredibly receptive, but it’s still vital that you embrace the science behind race day hydration. The Eload race calculator makes this a straightforward task. The calculator will work out how much fluid is likely to be lost through those activities to provide accurate advice on how much hydration is needed.

Using the tool is as simple as:

  • Enter your pre-race weight
  • Enter the expected duration of the event
  • Enter your hourly intake needs

Post-race hydration is an equally crucial element, and a separate calculator can be used to ensure you obtain the right hydration after the event. Electrolyte supplements for runners provide that you replenish the electrolytes lost through sweating during the race.

This race calculator is similarly easy to use:

  • Enter your pre-race weight
  • Enter the fluids ingested during the event
  • Enter your post-race weight
  • Enter the duration of the event

It’s important to remember that a host of factors, including the temperature, type of exercise, and your actual sweat rate can influence the exact requirements. Nonetheless, the race calculators will provide guidance.

What Are The Best Ways To Stay Hydrated During Or After An Endurance Event?

For most people, drinking plain water is the go-to form of race day hydration. While this is a solid starting point, it’s important to remember that sweat isn’t just water. You’ll also lose electrolytes including sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which is why water alone is not enough.

Drinking water alone will replace the liquid but not the electrolytes. This type of hydration might not be problematic for short races, but it can lead to many of the issues associated with dehydration during longer events.

So, for the perfect race day hydration, the best formula is;

  • Consume a little water along the route.
  • Use hydration supplements.

When combined with the right pre-race nutrition, you’ll be destined for greatness.

What Are Rehydration Supplements?

Hydration supplements offer nutritional support during the race (or training) to replenish the electrolytes lost through running. They can come in various forms, including consumable tablets, but the sports drink powder solution is the most popular version.

Standard sports energy drinks attempt to do this, but using Eload Hydration Formula is the far better solution. Aside from being easily digestible, low sweetness and low acidity, the powder puts you in complete control.

Having used the race calculators to determine how much fluid is required, you can make a sports drink suited to your requirements. This includes the volume of the drink as well as its strength.

Rehydration supplements take your race day nutrition and post-race recovery to the next level, preventing injuries and illness. When combined with water (even if it’s merely to cool your skin down), performance levels should soar.

When Should Rehydration Supplements Be Used?

The name rehydration supplements would suggest that you should only take them after completing a set number of miles, or even as a post-race recovery. While those are both excellent times, supplements for dehydration can be used throughout the race event.

  • Have a small amount of Eload Hydration Formula supplements before the event, in addition to other pre-race foods.
  • Consume supplements to replace the fluids lost during the race and regulate electrolytes and blood sodium levels.
  • Using the results of your race calculators, top up your fluids at the end of the race.

It is honestly that simple. Furthermore, hydration supplements are as safe to consume as water, meaning you can use them throughout training as well as on the actual race day. The practice is particularly crucial for athletes that want to establish a routine.

Why Eload Hydration?

There are plenty of hydration supplements on the market, but Eload Hydration Formula is the ideal solution for any long distance event. For starters, the fact that you have control over the amount of powder used is a fantastic feature.

Moreover, the supplements are available in a host of great flavors, making it the ideal choice for all runners and athletes. The range includes;

All of those flavors offer the same nutritional rewards throughout the race event. They provide physiological ratios of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc to ensure that all lost electrolytes are suitably replaced. Ultimately, this leads to higher performance levels and increased comfort throughout the run.

Adding these nutritional values to the affordable pricing, along with the fact that they are all gluten-free, nut-free, kosher and vegan means that every athlete can use this form of hydration supplement time and time again.

The Final Word

Race day preparations should cover many aspects ranging from comfortable attire to suitable travel plans. Nonetheless, keeping your body in perfect health should always be the priority.

Replacing the water and electrolytes lost through sweat is top of the agenda. With the help of race calculators and the right hydration supplements, this issue will never disrupt your race plans again. Eload offers a wide variety of hydration supplements for race recovery, which can be adjusted to the particular needs of each athlete. Contact us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help.