If you are preparing yourself for a race, you must know that the proper fueling of your body can make or break your race day. It is not just what you eat important, but what you do as well.

Some runners experience stomach problems which might ruin their long run or race. However, experts claim that most of these problems are preventable. Here, you will find a list of dos and don’ts about fueling for an upcoming race that will help you optimize your physical performance.

What to Do the Day Before the Race

Eat Carb-load During The Day.

The day before the race, you should eat a higher proportion of bead, pasta, rice or any other carbs not only at dinner but to all your meals. And reduce the amount of proteins, fats, and vegetables.

If you are not as hungry as you commonly are, then you can try eating small amounts of carbs every couple of hours.

Add Salt.

As you are going to sweat a lot during your race, you will lose sodium, especially if the weather is warm and you are out for more than an hour. Beforehand, you can boost sodium levels by adding salt to your pre-race meals and choosing salty snacks and sides such as pickles or sauerkraut to reinforce the salt incorporated into the meals.

Run if You Feel Like it

Some athletes find a short run a good way to burn off some stress and loosen up their legs, especially if you traveled a long distance to attend the race.

Other runners prefer taking the day off and just relaxing. It will be better to, at least, walk between 20 and 30.

Pick up Your Bib

Getting your bib on the day of the race might be complicated so why stress out by doing that on the race day? If you are given the possibility of picking up your bid on the day before the race, do it. That way if you notice an error in your registration, you will have plenty of time to correct it.

Chill Out

Leave everything you need ready the evening before like clothes, shoes, bib, hydration supplements, etc. If the race is long, pack your gear check bag with anything you will want after finishing, plus essentials like extra toilet paper, anti-chafing balm, post-race snacks and Eload Recovery Formula to replenish electrolytes and fluids lost during the race.

When you get all this ready, you should stop thinking about the race and do an activity you enjoy; read, listen to music. Relax and enjoy the rest of the day!

What Not to Do Before The Race

No Beer For You!

You might think that alcohol is a carb, but it is not like food carbs. So with only one drink, your gastrointestinal, or digestive system can be taxed, and it will disrupt REM sleep. Your body and brain will feel the effects on race day. But you can keep one on ice for after the race… I am just saying.

Don’t forget to drink.

To start your run correctly, you need to hydrate. A good idea is to divide your body weight in half and drink at least that many ounces per day in the week leading up to your race and combined with the best hydration supplement, Eload Hydration Formula on race day to stay hydrated.

No Greasy or Creamy Food

Greasy or creamy food might upset your stomach and keep you awake all night as well as cause GI problems the next morning (morning of the race!) Do not innovate on the week of the race, stick to food that are tried and true, add carbs, as was pointed out above, and get a good night sleep.

The day before the race is as important as the race itself, you have to get ready physically and mentally by eating and drinking properly. Trust Eload products to help you go about the day and prepare your body for optimal performance.